“Vigilantes among Us” Monday Drive

Vincent Zimmerman: Good morning to everybody! It’s the Head Sentinel Vince Zimmerman.

Zeddie Dennard: And I’m Zeddie Dennard, the designer, and tailor to the Sentinels and the Stars.

VZ: We hope that your weekend went as smooth as possible because this week, we’re getting ready to close out the month of July as the Summer of Super-Coolness keeps moving on! Later on today, I’m joining Richard, Xavier, Mike, and Quentin to talk about book three of the series and how the relationship between Zay and Mr. J. has evolved since “A Nerd among Heroes.”

ZD; And this Wednesday is when Cedric talks to Zay and Richard to talk about the still-unwritten book four of the series “Totally Nerd-Tastic” and what we might expect from there. JD said it’s like a part-prequel and part-continuation, right?”

VZ: Yep. It mainly tells how Cameron came to find out about the Sentinels in the first place and how he joins while Xavier undergoes leadership training and even more intense combat training. But that’s for Wednesday, though.

ZD: All righty, then. You guys come on back this afternoon for the official chat with Mike, Zay. Quentin and Richard. And make sure you follow JD on social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr! Now let’s get on out of here because school starts in a few and we got to head on to prep for shopping with RaeAnne and Valarie.

VZ: And this afternoon, I got to clean out the garage with my mom and dad. Plus, I got volunteer post-training snack prep for the guys. Aloha, everybody!

ZD: We’ll holla! See you all later!


“Vigilantes among Us” Afternoon Drive and What’s to Come

Valarie Castro: Good afternoon! It’s the daughter of the King of the Seas of Emerald Valley, Valarie Castro!

Vincent Zimmerman: And I’m the HEad Insider of all Insiders, Vince Zimmerman!

Mike Sayers: And it’s your friendly turbo-charged Sentinel Mike Sayers!

VC: Well, the week flew by just like that and all of the guys from the Zeo Sentinels have given everyone their musical selections from their playlists. And as a reminder, make sure you download them or stream them online via Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Deezer, Google Play, or wherever you listen to music.

VZ: Now next week, I sit down with both Malachi and Armando as they talk about what might go down in book four of the series “Totally Nerd-Tastic” while Cedric stops by and talks with Richard and Xavier-

MS: And myself!

VZ: (rolls his eyes) And Mike will join in with Cedric and Richard as they talk about how their relationship has changed from just Sentinels to something much more.

MS: Also, RaeAnne talks with the girls of the Zeo Sentinels and the Megaforce Sentinels as they talk about their roles in the series so far and how things will play out.

VZ: All of that and more as the Summer of Super-Coolness rolls along and the month of July comes to a close. August will be here before you know it, folks, and soon JD will begin writing the first draft of “The Nerd’s Symphony.” So if you haven’t already, please make sure you get caught up with the first two books of the series.

VC: Both “A Nerd among Heroes” and “Nerd of Fire, Rebel of Ice” are available for purchase right now on Amazon.com and not just in paperback but also in Kindle ebook formats.

VZ: “ANH” is just $10.99 for the paperback and $8.99 for the ebook.

VC: “NOF, ROI” is $11.99 for the paperback and $7.99 for the ebook.

MS: And they’re in large print as well so you won’t have to squint your eyes.

VZ: With that said, we are officially out of here. Let’s get our files and hit the road! I got family coming over and my church’s choir anniversary is coming up so I have a few desserts to make.

VC: I’ll be there with my dad, Vince, and tomorrow, I join him for a conference with some aliens visiting for a peace summit that’s over in Wallace Bay, near D.C.

MS: And you know I got Sentinels to whip into shape. But I will be taking Sunday off to rest.

VZ & VC: Really?!

MS: Got you! A trainer’s job is never done! Turbo up!

VC: Good grief! I gotta go! Dad’s outside! Adios!

VZ: Aloha, y’all! Peace!

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“Vigilantes among Us” Music Week: Zachary Kline

What’s up?!

Good Friday morning and happy weekend to you all! It’s Zachary “Morpheus” Kline, the telekinetic military brat. And with Music Week wrapping up for us guys of the Zeo Sentinels, it’s only fitting that JD has me saved for last. Make sure you all download the top five songs from my playlist or stream them online via your favorite music app via Spotify, Google Play Music, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer, iHeartRadio, or wherever you listen to your favorite songs. Are you guys ready? Then here we go! And fair warning, these songs I’m giving you are when I’m either having a really bad day or when I’m focusing on patrol duty. So unless you want to be made into a human pancake, it’s best not to mess with me.

  1. “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem ft. Pink. They lyrics speak to you in a way that pushes you to keep moving on even when things are too tough for you.
  2. “Wonderful Life” by Hurts. This British pop band is so legit and the lyrics are sensually haunting.
  3. “Try” by Pink. Again, this 2000s pop queen totally kills it in a way that even makes a guy want to be his better self.
  4. “They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson. The King of Pop really had the current world in mind (or was it premonition?) when he wrote this back in the day. The Brazilian-themed version from his Music Version really sets it off with the drums playing in the background.
  5. “Walk on Water” by Eminem ft. Beyonce. Reminds me that even though I’m superhuman, I’m still human at the end of the day and that all I can do at this point is take it one day at a time.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the selections from us guys on Music Week and again make sure that you download or stream them online today. Who knows? You might just find your favorite song among ours. Anyway, later on, today, Val joins Vince and Mike today to wrap up the week and let you all in on what’s to come next week as the month of July begins to wrap up while the Summer of Super-Coolness rolls along. Until next time, I’ll be taking the friendly skies on with the bang. Zeo Forever! Have a good day!

“Vigilantes among Us” Music Week: Jose Delgado

Hola, amigos! Jose “Pollux” Delgado here and since it’s music week here for the guys of the Zeo Sentinels, JD has me up to the plate and giving you all my top three songs from my personal playlist. You can download them or stream them online via your favorite music app (Spotify, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, etc). Since I am pressed for time, let’s jump right in! Here we go!

  1. “I Would Die for You” by Prince. I was introduced to this amazing singer at an early age and I definitely listen to him when I need to get a focus on my studies.
  2. “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeath. Alex has me all addicted to this musician right here and I when I need to calm down my nerves, this is it right here.
  3. “This Time Around” by Michael Jackson ft. Notorious B.I.G. Who doesn’t love the King of Pop right here. And this particular song has me all prepped for Sentinel Mode so unless you want to be frozen stiff, don’t disturb me.

That ought to tide you over until tomorrow when we save Zach’s musical choices for last. And his is quite a doozy. Also, you do not want to miss out on the latest cover reveal for JD’s upcoming poetry collection. I bet it’s going to be awesome! And you can follow JD on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for more about the author! Look at the time! Carlos and I have patrol duty and a meeting in Mexico with their president! Zeo Forever! Adios!

“Mirrors, Glass, and Diamonds” Cover Reveal

Vincent Zimmerman: Good afternoon! It’s your head Insider Vince Zimmerman here

Zeddie Dennard: And I’m Zeddie Dennard, the tailor and designer to the Sentinels and the stars!

Jarrick Exum: And it’s JD here! This afternoon is the official cover reveal of my upcoming poetry collection “Mirrors, Glass, and Diamonds: Suites II-VII!”

VZ: All right, JD! Is it ready?

JD: You bet it is! Without further ado, here it is!

ZD: As usual, JD, you did it again! It is so you!

JD: I wanted my cover to represent the mystifying yet realistic version of my bohemian-sensual side, so this is it!

VZ: I personally can’t wait for the book to come out on your birthday. When is it?

JD: August 29th.

ZD: That’s on a Thursday. We got to do something special for your day!

VZ: That’s still a few weeks to go, though.

ZD: Y’all leave that to me. Anyway, tomorrow is when Zach has his musical selections from his playlists while Val and I are wrapping up the week with what’s to come. Have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow!

VZ: Aloha!

JD: Peace! We’re out of here!

Zeddie’s Recipe Vault:Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs and Sesame Carrot Basmati Rice

I got this savory recipe for meatballs and rice from a friend on WordPress and after making this for my folks, it was heaven on earth. You must try it! Enjoy!

When I make meatballs, I use the following method:

Mix eggs, spices, herbs, binder and fresh ingredients together in a bowl to form a “slurry”. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to let the flavors marry and the binder (if using) soften.Gently mix in the ground protein with your fingers, folding from the sides to the middle of the bowl, until all the “slurry’ is incorporated into the meat.Using an ice cream scooper with a spring handle, sprayed with olive oil spray, measure golf-ball sized amounts of mixture into your hand and gently roll around (do NOT press tightly) to form a loose meatball.If using right away, place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and refrigerate until you are ready to bake them.If freezing for future use, place on a baking sheet with parchment and place in the freezer, until solid. Store them in a zip-top bag or your preferred storage container for up to six months.

Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs

2 large eggs2 TBSP tamari (or regular soy sauce)1 TBSP hoisin sauce1 TBSP Szechuan sauce1 TBSP sesame oil1 TBSP fresh ginger, grated4 garlic cloves, grated2 large carrots, grated6 scallions, thinly sliced4 oz water chestnuts (canned) drained and finely chopped1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds3/4 cup panko bread crumbs2 pounds ground turkey

Bake at 375 degrees for 12 – 15 minutes, on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Combine basting sauce ingredients in small saucepan and warm over medium-low heat while meatballs are baking. Baste meatballs half-way through baking.

1/2 cup hoisin sauce1/3 cup Szechuan sauce1/4 cup tamari (or soy)2 TBSP brown sugarjuice of one lime

Sesame Carrot Basmati Rice

2 carrots, very finely diced1 shallot, very finely diced1 cup basmati rice1 TBSP olive oil2 cups water1 TBSP sesame oil3 scallions, finely slicedsalt and pepper to taste

Sauté carrots and shallots in olive oil for 2 – 4 minutes over medium heat in a large saucepan until softened. Add rice and toast for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Add water, bring to a simmer, cover and reduce heat to low. Cook for 12 – 15 minutes until all liquid is absorbed. Fluff rice with a fork.

Just before serving, season with salt, pepper, sesame oil and finely sliced scallions.

That ought to do it for today. Tomorrow, we got the official cover reveal for JD’s poetry collection and Jose’s top five songs from his playlist. You don’t want to miss it! Until tomorrow, Zeddie is out of here! Peace!

“Vigilantes among Us” Music Week: Carlos Delgado

Hola, amigos! Carlos “Castor” Delgado here and as it is Music Week for the guys of the Zeo Sentinels, I’ve been asked by JD to give you all my top three songs from my playlist. As mentioned in the other music weeks, you can download them or stream them online via your favorite music website or app (Google Play Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Deezer, etc) today. If you guys are ready, I’ll get it started.

  1. “Geto Heaven” by Common ft. Macy Gray. This is actually my first hip-hop/ R&B song I ever listened to and introduced to me by JR himself. It’s got a message, yet it’s so urban at the same time.
  2. “Made for Now” by Janet Jackson ft. Daddy Yankee. This song right here celebrates the mix between Black-America and Latin-America, something Trump will never understand.
  3. “Gypsy” by Shakira. Hey, every guy has to have that one song by a female vocal artist and this Colombiana is my personal favorite since my twin brother and I are from Bogota ourselves!

That ought to do it for me. My brother has his top five songs for you all tomorrow while we’re saving Zach Kline for last as he has his own top five from you all. Fair warning: he is a definite bohemian sensualist when it comes to his music, despite coming from a military family so watch out! Later on today, Zeddie has a recipe that you all have to try and it is so good! Our mom got it from him and made it last night, so you know that it’s going to be a hit! Now, off to day camp for me! Zeo Forever!